Tile Refinishing

Eliminate unsightly tiles and never clean grout again.

Not only does refinishing offer an affordable and convenient solution to outdated tiles, it also eliminates the issue of mould and mildew build-up in the grout because the coating goes right overtop. No more dirty grout lines; cleaning chores will be a breeze!

The advantages of refinishing your tile surround:

  • Tile and grout are refinished at the same time, creating a uniform water-tight seal.
  • No need to replace the grout or chipped tiles. Better Solutions Ltd. will repair any surface issues prior to refinishing.
  • Refinishing saves up to 70% over the cost of replacement.


  • Before-Pink and Grey Bathtub Tile Surround
    After-Pink and Grey Bathtub Tile Surround
    BeforePink and Grey Bathtub Tile SurroundAfter
  • Before-Black Stripe Bathtub Tile Surround
    After-Black Stripe Bathtub Tile Surround
    BeforeBlack Stripe Bathtub Tile SurroundAfter
  • Before-Blue Bathtub Tile Surround
    After-Blue Bathtub Tile Surround
    BeforeBlue Bathtub Tile SurroundAfter
  • Before-Brown Stripes Bathtub Tile Surround
    After-Brown Stripes Bathtub Tile Surround
    BeforeBrown Stripes Bathtub Tile Surround After


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Better Solutions Ltd. is owned by brothers Fraser and Austin Davies. As a family-run business, you can expect a quality of service that we ourselves would expect.

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