How much will I save with refinishing vs. replacement?

Refinishing can save you up to 70% over replacement if your fixture is still structurally sound. While it is possible to buy a brand new bathtub for as little as $500, there are additional costs installation, as well as removal and disposal of the old tub. You may also have to renew the plumbing or tile surround. These costs could add up to as much as $3500 to replace your bathtub, which is significantly more expensive than refinishing.


How long will a refinished bathtub or tile surround last?

A bathtub or tile surround refinished by Better Solutions Ltd. can easily last 15 when properly cared for using the recommended care and maintenance procedures.


Are refinished bathtubs durable?

Because we use the most technologically advanced coatings available, our finishes will withstand daily use and do not require specialized care. However, just like with a new tub, it is possible to chip or scratch a refinished surface if abused.


How long does the refinishing process take?

For a standard size tub, the process typically takes only 3 to 5 hours to complete. Your tub/counter will be ready to use within 24 hours.


Is there any odour while the work is being done?

The topcoat, used to make the finish glossy and durable, has an odour similar to fresh paint. Our technicians are equipped with a full ventilation system in order to minimize the smell: 80% to 90% of the smell contained within the work area will be pumped outside. Any lingering odour will dissipate within a few hours.


Can Better Solutions repair chips, cracks, scratches, and/or rust on my bathtub?

We will repair any imperfections on your bathtub or other surface prior to refinishing. The surface of a refinished tub will rival that of a brand-new manufactured tub.


Can Better Solutions also refinish my old countertop?

Yes, all countertops can refinished, including laminate, Formica, tile, and cultured marble. Our stone finish is especially attractive and durable. A Better Solutions Ltd. refinished countertop is the perfect solution for giving your kitchen a make-over without spending a lot of money, or having to deal with the time and mess that would go into a renovation.


Is there a warranty?

Better Solutions Ltd. offers a five-year warranty on refinishing services.

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